Welcome to Alpine Squeeze! We are a German American festival band and our mission is to deliver the German American tradition through our performances to satisfy all age groups for any size venue and budget.

Starting out as a two piece band in 2005, and now in its ninth year, Alpine Squeeze has grown in popularity by always delivering top quality, authentic Oktoberfest entertainment. Not only does Alpine Squeeze keep the traditions alive with spirited polka's and enchanting waltzes, Latin, pop, country and jazz are also in the mix!

In addition to performing locally in the New York, tri-state area, past performances include Las Vegas, Boston, Newport, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Florida, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, and Canada.

As a duo, trio, or full size band, Alpine Squeeze is flexible and can add additional band members as needed, no matter how small or large your party or event.

Alpine Squeeze has produced two CD's - "Tropical Squeeze!" (Released 6/15/2006) and "How About a Little Squeeze!" (Released 8/15/2003 - Eric Baal, Solo). A third CD is currently in production and expected to be released later in 2014.